About us

         For more than 10 years working with the non-stop development, Gia Gia Nguyen Co.,ltd is now one of the most famous factories in exporting handicrafts from Vietnam. Our products have reached a lot of consumers around the world through large supermarket chains like Walmart, Metro ... with hundreds of cargo containers are exported each year


         Inspired by the love of the natural product and Vietnamese beautiful handmade. Our product will brings the natural and create harmony for your home. It is also our desire to bring customers additional connections between the members together. With these unique products with high aesthetic through skillful hands of artisans. We would like to bring a living space where all members feel "home" is where "familiar" to return after the fatigue, the whole messy worries of life.

         Made from the raw materials, "100% natural" as rattan, water hyacinth, papyrus projection ... will bring a sense of environmental friendliness, especially safe for the health of customers. Our products are extremely familiar items for each house from container products from clothing baskets, fruit trays, trash, .. until the product trays decorated as newspapers, cosmetic trays. They all bring a unique beauty, nature Vietnamese village.       

         Let us be "bridge" between your home with elite Vietnamese, as well as "binding sites" for all family members.