Durable Whisk broom from Rice straw stick Broom

Natural Whisk Sweeping Hand Handle Broom
This whisk broom is made primarily of natural Asian broom grass. This straw broom is soft, light, and long-lasting, making it ideal for cleaning. The hand whisk broom can be separated into two parts for easy storage in a cabinet or anywhere else. We also added a small string to the end of the handle so it can be hung neatly. . Our brooms are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and they can be customized to meet the needs of our customers. Not only is this hand whisk broom useful for cleaning, but it also looks great in your home! The environment will become cozier and more welcoming. We created and served with all of our hearts. We could create the best-designed products if we worked together.
Size: LxW: 11 inches x 6.5 inches (27.9 x 17cm)
Weight: 180-300g/ piece

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