Rattan Baby Stroller Carrier Pram strollers For Kids

Discover the timeless allure of our reimagined Rattan Dolls Pram. A delightful treat for young adventurers who cherish taking their dolls on journeys. Expertly hand-woven from genuine rattan, this pram features a plush mattress enveloped in a 100% cotton cover, ensuring a cozy and secure ride for those cherished toys.

Small Dimension 52cm H x 37cm W x 65cm
Small Weight 3.0 Kilograms
Large Dimensions 64cm H x 37cm W x 68cm
Large Weight 4.0 Kilograms

Rattan Doll Prams are not just toys but doorways to a world of learning and creativity. They foster the development of gross and fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, social interactions, and emotional connections. Engaging in imaginative play with our Rattan Doll Pram can enhance language skills, fine-tune hand-eye coordination, and sharpen problem-solving capacities. It's not just fun - it's a developmental journey! Truly, an educational treasure for those pivotal early years.

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